Home Staging: How to get more for your home, faster!

Set the stage for success with these home staging tips that will make your home sell for more, and sell faster. Boost curb appeal.  First impressions are important. Make sure your garden is groomed, your porch and sidewalks are swept, windows are washed and the doorbell works! Clean.  Clean, clean and clean some more.  Make

Q & A with Stephen Sinclair

We sat down with our Broker of Record for a little Q & A.  Here is what came out of it: Name: Stephen Sinclair Nickname: Steve, although my friends have been calling me ‘Sinny’ for years. Occupation: Broker of Record Favourite Food: I’ve got a weakness for all things Pizza. What got you started in

5 Tips for Home Frightened Home Buyers

It is certainly an uneasy time in Toronto’s real estate market.  Prices are soaring, competition is heavy, and supply and demand is hardly sustainable.  Here are 5 tips to help you breathe through this nerve wracking process. Take into consideration all extra costs.  When thinking about the big pictures its easy to forget about the

Defining Your Down Payment

“Down Payment” is defined as an initial payment made when something is bought on credit.  But who defines how much your down payment should be?  These days you see as little as 5% and as high as 50% down payments in the real estate market.  For majority of people purchasing a home is the biggest

GTA Housing Market’s Correction in 10 Facts

Greater Toronto Area home prices continue on the same sliding trend in August; a result some argue is from Ontario’s new Fair Housing Plan and it’s foreign-homebuyer tax in particular. Regardless,TREB President Tim Syrianos reports that “Economic conditions remain strong in Ontario.  Positive economic news coupled with the slower pace of price growth we are now

Condo Prices Higher Than Ever in Canada

Condo prices across North America are up by almost 20% from the same time last year.  Majority of the increases are in the Greater Toronto Area, with Oakville, Ontario seeing the largest increase in the entire country!  Even though real estate sales are down across the country, condo prices continue to rise as we see