Home Staging: How to get more for your home, faster!

Set the stage for success with these home staging tips that will make your home sell for more, and sell faster.

Boost curb appeal.  First impressions are important. Make sure your garden is groomed, your porch and sidewalks are swept, windows are washed and the doorbell works!

Clean.  Clean, clean and clean some more.  Make your home sparkle like new!  It will increase the appeal for the buyers, and also make the home feel newer, giving it more value than an older lived-in feel of a home.

Clear away your clutter.  Show off your homes great features by putting shoes away in closets, organizing the bookshelves and clearing up your spice rack.  Make it tidy.

Strike a balance between lived in, and clean.  Keep your family photos out and add a fresh bouquet of flowers to the counter.

Style your dining table.  This will give buyers an idea of how the home ‘could’ look.

Line up your furniture symmetrically; especially in the living room.  Pull the furniture off the walls and create an inviting conversation area.

Keep your rooms gender neutral.  This leaves more possibility for the buyers especially if you have two daughters and they have two sons.

Use only perfect personal accents.  If you just bought your toothbrush and its never been used, leave it out, but if its a bit old and ratty, hide that one away.


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