Q & A with Stephen Sinclair

We sat down with our Broker of Record for a little Q & A.  Here is what came out of it:

Name: Stephen Sinclair

Nickname: Steve, although my friends have been calling me ‘Sinny’ for years.

Occupation: Broker of Record

Favourite Food: I’ve got a weakness for all things Pizza.

What got you started in real estate?

I always knew I was going into sales, but real estate had never been something I’d considered. During my post secondary education, one of my professors, who was also a Realtor, convinced me to consider it. Five years later, I couldn’t consider myself doing anything else!

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

In Real Estate sales you can become such an integral part of a clients life, if only for a short while. I love meeting every new client and getting to know them, learning about their story and how a new home will fit into their future. I’m genuinely helping someone begin a new chapter in their life. It’s such an honor to be help people make that transition.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to a first time home-buyer?

The advice I give first time home buyers always comes in two parts. First, make sure your using a knowledgeable and experienced Realtor. Someone who can guide you through the tumultuous, but ultimately exciting experience of buying your first home.

Secondly, stay well with in your budget. All too often I see first time home buyers over extend themselves buying something over budget, and going house broke. Toronto is a world class city, with so much to do and experience. After all the bills have been paid, make sure you’ve got some disposable income to enjoy it.

One place in the world you would drop everything and go right now.  

The Canadian rockies. There’s so much natural beauty there. To explore the mountains is humbling, and a great way to refocus yourself. 

Most influential people in your life.

My Grandmother, Margaret. She was a Realtor in my home town. She was embodiment of class, professionalism and hard work. To this day, I still get calls from agents that knew her and worked with her, and whom admired and respected her. She passed away before I started my career in Real estate, but I wouldn’t have accomplished anything without her. Everyday I find myself asking if I’m living up to Marg’s standard in life and work.

Biggest professional life goal.

To never retire. Some Realtors achieve so much success in their career they never get a chance to stop doing what they love. There’s always someone that will want and need your help.  I’d like to reach the 40th year in my career and still be helping people.