GTA Housing Market’s Correction in 10 Facts

Greater Toronto Area home prices continue on the same sliding trend in August; a result some argue is from Ontario’s new Fair Housing Plan and it’s foreign-homebuyer tax in particular. Regardless,TREB President Tim Syrianos reports that “Economic conditions remain strong in Ontario.  Positive economic news coupled with the slower pace of price growth we are now

Retirement Home Rent Prices in Ontario Soar

Millennials aren’t the only cohort feeling the rental squeeze.  The Toronto Star reports that an average rent for a one-bedroom space in Toronto retirement residences now costs more than $4,700/month.  This kind of rent of course comes with security, medical attention, and common areas for socializing etc., but it is very expensive for individuals already

Ontario To Release New Rules For Condominium Boards

Condominium Management can be a whirlwind process if your Board doesn’t have people with the right intentions in mind for your condo. New rules in Ontario are to take effect in the Fall of 2017 that have been created to ensure confidence, safety and security for condo owners and investors.   Under the new rules,

TREB June Stats: Toronto-Area Homes Still Expected to Rise 13-18% This Year

Despite Premiere Kathleen Wynne’s measures implemented to cool the market, recent stats released by TREB note that Toronto home prices are still expected to rise 13-18% this year.  The Toronto Star reports on these trends and how the housing market is also now heating up Toronto’s condo market.  Though it still might be too early